Quilter’s Delight MK2


Features Include

  • A large working area positioned all around you and able to support even the largest projects,
  • A handy support to the right of the machine,
  • A greater seating area ,
  • More drawer storage,
  • A large flat area to cut out / piece on when the machine is away,
  • Arrives with everything included for one unbeatable price
  • The ability to accommodate even the largest sewing machines,
  • It’s what you’ve been waiting for…. Order yours today!!


The suggested selling price of the Horn Quilter’s Delight MK2 is just £849.



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Quilters delight MK2

Jul 01, 2016 by Sandra

This table really lives up to its name. I was struggling to machine quilt a single size quilt top and had all sorts of props to try and take up the weight of the quilt, which was awkward and frustrating.
After purchasing the cabinet it arrived within 10 days of ordering. the driver was brilliant so helpful showing us each section of the table it seemed a huge item for one person but he clearly new his products and had it set up in no time. Mine did arrive with the wrong insert for my machine but this did not over shadow the joy of the table and the driver rang the office to have one delivered by courier. I still managed to complete my quilt with ease without it. The driver had set it up so when the insert arrived I could just put it straight in position, so I covered the back with my quilting ruler thus giving me a flat working area.
Despite the mix up I have still given the table 5 well deserved stars it is well made very versatile brilliant and a must for all quilters.
Horn employees and office have been so approachable and helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending this product and company to any quilter.
Thank you Horn for your help and support in choosing a product to suit my needs.

Response: Thank you Sandra for taking the time to write this wonderful and informative review!


Aug 18, 2013 by Eileen Weston

This sewing cabinet is indeed a dream. Just perfect for quilting.I have a Bernina 750 and a Pfaff Creative Performance taking it in turns to be used in this.
Delivery was a bit of a nightmare though, as I live in the far north of Scotland, out of the free delivery area, which meant the delivery was contracted out. My cabinet had been loaded onto the delivery van by forklift truck, in Inverness, then when delivered to me, had to be unpacked on the delivery van, and carried up our driveway by myself, husband and delivery driver. Worth it though, as it\'s just what I wanted.

Response: Dear Eileen, thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave us your valuable feedback.
We feel that it should be noted that whilst the Bernina 7 Series (710, 750, 780) will fit into the QD2 for sewing, quilting use etc.... due to the machines overall height and once its pushed into the storage position the filler piece (the part that fills in the hole above the machine to make it into a cutting/ work surface) can\'t be fitted into place as it hits on the bobbin winder of the machine. This issue only applies to the QD2 and the Bernina 7 Series and not other sewing machines or cabinets in our range fitted with the maxi lifter.

5.0 5.0 2 2 This table really lives up to its name. I was struggling to machine quilt a single size quilt top and had all sorts of props to try and take up the weight of the quilt, which was a Quilter’s Delight MK2