Horn rear mounted 3 step sewing machine air-lifter

Horn Rear mounted air lifter side view Horn Rear mounted air lifter front view

It couldn’t be easier or more effective.

Simply push down on the top of your sewing machine and it will lift your machine to the desired position for you!


Hobby Chair Features Include

Versatile fixing ability with multi-hole
Easier fitment or removal due to its all in
one style.
Smooth & simple to operate lifting
Solid movement on 8 ball steel roller
Fitted with a new position locking screw.
Automatic push-down release mechanism,
(no levers), enabling an easy lifting and
storing operation for your sewing machine.
Durable zinc plated finish on the mast.
Solid, reliable German made quality.



Air Lifter Dims 1 Air Lifter Dims 2


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